Steve and Rachel are returning from Montreal to the UK via Japan and China.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

1:57 AM - Lazy Day - Steve

Yesterday we decided to take it easy after our exertions on the wall the day before. We lazed around the hostel in the morning and after lunch headed back up to the Summer Palace with Craig and Mary. All afternoon we sat around and swopped card games under the beautiful willow trees next to the lake until the sun slowly went down and we were ushered away by the wardens watering the grass. It was a lovely day and we rounded it off with a Chinese feast in the evening,ordering far more delicious dishes than we could finish. We shall miss Craig and Mary tomorrow as we are catching the night train to Shanghai in a few hours. We shall look forward to following how their journey unfolds once we're back in grey london and they are dodging Russian bandits and trying not to say 'about' with quite such a Canadian accent....


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