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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5:50 PM - Night Train to Shanghai - Steve

We left the Far East Hostel after a great stay and headed for Beijing's frenetic central train station to catch our night train. We were very impressed with the accomodations - the soft sleeper carrage had four beds per cabin and was rather luxurious. We shared with to Chinese business men, one of whom played with his two mobile phones most of the evening whilst singing to himself in a falsetto voice. We played cards for a bit and then went to check out the restaurant, which we found to be equally nice. It was lovely to eat a relaxing meal while the occainional lights of the coutryside flashd by outside. Later we amused ourselves reading the in-flight magazine which contained some fascinating insights into the 'scientific' running of the train.

We both had a good night's sleep until we were woken by the piped music shortly before our arrival in Shanghi.


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