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Monday, September 19, 2005

7:06 AM - Birthday - Steve

After a great few days of eating brunch (thanks Giamal and Sylvie!)and enjoying Leah and Alan's hospitality, it is almost time to go home. But today is my birthday, so I had some treats. Naturally we celebrated according to English time which meant from 7 o'clock last night I was birthday boy - so we went to our old local bar and played table football and bored people with stories about our trip. Then we came home and somehow Leah had managed to make me a surprise cake, covered in Smarties. It was delicious. This morning I was woken with two fistfulls of cat shaped balloons showering down over my head, and another rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. Even my breakfast bagel had candles! Thanks everybody!


Francesca said...

B-day wishes from Italy too!!!!!!

Steve have a great day and most of all a great return to UK to both of you!!!

I followed your trip trough the blog ....it was really nice to know where you were and see pictures!!!

Eva said...

Happy birthday from me and Bernd, too, Steve!!! Are you still in Montreal or did you already return to the UK? We arrived in Montreal on Thuesday and it would be so sad if we just missed you! Let me hear from you if you are still here!

Lots of love,

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