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Friday, September 09, 2005

6:30 AM - Pudong Education - Steve

Today we went out to explore the other side of the river - Pudong, a area bristling with skyscrapers and a load of shiny new buildings. The fact that it was all paddy fields 15 years ago is slightly mind-boggling. We ended up spending a few hours at the Science & Technology Centre which was great fun. Highlights included the dancing robots, (so this is what they get up to after work in the factories!) and Rachel couldn't help but join in. Also fun was the archery competition where the robot always hits the very centre of the bullseye and I managed to hit the target, once. The others were closer to the ceiling. The piano playing robot was also very impressive. Later on we discovered some real dancers rehearsing for some curious performance involving beating drums in an exaggerated fashion and waving a lot. I think even the robots would have struggled with that one.


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