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Friday, September 09, 2005

2:47 AM - Nice view! - Rachel

We arrived at the Captain's Hostel in a somewhat dazed state, it still being before 8am. "At least we have a reservation", we thought. Turned out they had not yet checked on-line reservations for the day, but they found us a room, and gave us a bit of a discount for the confusion. Our room turned out to be the best in the place and is on the top floor, on the corner of the building. We opened the curtains to find a stunning view across the Huangpu River to Pudong - lots of towers of all shapes (including 'baubles'), and at night, lots of neon. Very dramatic. It'll do nicely for our last few nights in China.


Mary said...

I'm jealous of your room - the locks on our Far East dorm doors are getting a little annoying.... hopefully won't have that problem in a Mongolian Ger. ;)

p.s. I found out that in Beijing, McDonalds has breakfast. I'm one happy girl.  

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