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Saturday, September 24, 2005

11:40 AM - House Hunting - Steve

After a few frantic days trawling round an endless string of South London estate agents we have finally found a place to rent. It's near Clapham Junction on a nice street, and of course tiny and extremely expensive. We can't move in until next Friday, so this afternoon we're heading out traveling again. First stop is Birmingham where Rachel has a hen party tonight and I can hang out with my Grandpa. On Sunday we are meeting up with my parents and then later in the day we're catching a train down to Exmouth to visit Rachel's parents in their new house.

We are enormously grateful to Josie and Rich whose spare room we've been using. Their advice and Josie's wonderful cooking have made the last few days much more fun than they could have been. Thanks guys.

I'll put a post up here with all our new contact details once they've been confirmed and we are settled in.


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